Blue Coral Calico fry

Recently my Blue Coral Calico Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus) had some fry in the community tank, it must have been overnight, I noticed 3 fry when cleaning the tank.
One disappeared and initially I presumed it had been eaten by the female snakeskin guppy (Poecilia reticulata) that were hunting them down in a pack.
Two weeks have gone by and I was not able to catch the fry (plants are dense where they hide) they move super fast compared to any fry I've bred before, just as well as this meant they made it the two weeks and today my cousin got them out for me and also noticed a third smaller one, it had not been eaten after all. 😊

They are now in the other tank with the guppy fry.
In the tank are 23 guppy fry, I think the mothers (2) may have been in another tank before being with the snakeskin males at the wholesaler as the fry are beginning to colour up now, and some are not looking like green snakeskin guppy at this stage, a few do have yellow tails with the black, their bodies h…

How to cook Leek and Egg Stir Fry

This is an easy to cook meal, that is tasty. It can be eaten on its own, with rice, or with ramen noodle.

1 wok, (or frying pan)
1 wok shovel (or a long handled spoon)
1 bowl
1 chopper (or kitchen knife)
1 whisk
1 cheese grater
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
Kitchen Scales

Focus on Details
I prefer using a wok for stir fry as it is much easier because the sides are higher, and it means I can cook on a higher heat and faster, without spilling food outside of the wok.
A wok shovel is very useful utensil especially for stir fry, and fried rice, it means no spilled/wasted food and no food stuck to the wok, less oil can be used when cooking compared to a spoon. I do use spoons in the wok too but for other types of food, such as when cooking a curry.
A Chopper or Chinese Chopper, these are sort of like a meat cleaver in appearance on first glance if you have only seen meat cleavers before. There are iron choppers and steel choppers.
The iron chopper is for meat/poultry/fish and cutting thr…

Visit to a fish farm

On the weekend before 7th May my cousin took me to the new Shirley Aquatics, as I had not been to it previously. It is located along an expressway near the motorway and as far as I know of there is no public transport there, it is out on the Beckett's Farm, it is a poultry farm that also has a conference centre, restaurant, and retail units they lease to other businesses. He arrived at mine in the lorry, I hadn't been in a lorry before, so it was also a new thing for me. My aim was to get a new T8 tube, and some community fish. I got the tube but didn't buy any fish.

My cousin was telling me on the way back about another place I could get fish from instead, this was previously a regional wholesaler and exporter who I didn't get along with, to keep it short the owner had asked me to breed 1000 Betta splendens, per month for him, I was maybe 11 years old at that time, I agreed, when the first 1000 were ready and several spawns growing out I visited and asked when it was …

How to cook Wrapped Leeks

This is a tasty and fairly easy to cook meal, I make it regularly, about once a month, sometimes more often if asked.
I have also tried to grow leeks two times, I did not have any luck with that yet, but I will be trying this again in the future.

1 medium saucepan
1 small saucepan
1 colander
1 whisk
1 rectangular baking dish
1 cheese grater
1 teaspoon
Kitchen Scales

Focus on Details
I use steel saucepans, they are the cheapest type, I don't use aluminium or non stick saucepans.
I use a steel balloon whisk, very cheap on eBay.
I use a rectangular white ceramic roasting dish for this, it ticks all the boxes as it looks nice, is durable, and is very cheap at Asda (Walmart in UK).

6 leeks
6 slices of ham
fresh red chillies, to suit your taste
35g of plain flour
20g low fat spread
75g of grated extra mature cheddar cheese, divide in to a 50g and 25g portion.
300ml skimmed milk
1 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard
Ground black pepper, to suit your taste

Focus on Detail…

Cleaning Tip

This post is about how to clean deeply in to laminate kitchen surfaces, such as worktops, and cupboards, and similar surfaces such as desks made this way.

Notes on Laminate Flooring

It may also work on laminate flooring (artificial "wood") but be sure your laminate likes liquids as I am told some will distort when wet.
I don't know much about laminate flooring as I prefer carpets at home, other than the kitchen or bathroom where I have vinyl as I can mop it with disinfectant easily.
I also prefer carpets because I rarely wear anything on my feet at home and I like the feel of carpet under my feet, carpets are also not slippy, you can walk on them in heels if you want, and they are warmer in winter, for me this makes carpet and vinyl the more practical options.

To "clean" laminate flooring there is a sort of mop that is used dry to dust it, the vendors principle is it doesn't hold dust and dirt, like a carpet would.
This idea from laminate vendors seems to fo…

Menu Update

Today I added Google Translate to the blog Menu.

My cousins Fry tank set-up

These are some photos my cousin sent me for the blog of one of his tanks that he is setting up, and cycling, it will be a fry tank.
He is using an air pump driven double sponge filter, I know he is awaiting a hang on filter and a light set up for this tank to arrive. The rock is lava rock. I have one in my rock tub in the loft of a different shape. The substrate is 2 grades of natural river gravel, and aquarium sand.
The moss balls are Marimo Moss, he told me about this in another of his tanks and it is why I got some recently for my tank.
The plants I recognise are the Marimo Moss and Water Lettuce.